Education and Engagement

Education and Engagement

The Admiral Launch Duo loves to work with students of all ages. Dynamic educators, saxophonist Jonathan Hulting-Cohen is a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and harpist Jennifer R. Ellis is an in-demand clinician who gave over a dozen workshops and masterclasses for universities in 2015-2016. The duo has worked with high schoolers from coast to coast of the U.S. and have given interactive performances in senior living communities.

The Admiral Launch Duo are versatile performers with a commitment to inclusion on every level. This commitment has led them to performances ranging from the University of Michigan Social Justice Art Festival to a UM-CAPS Suicide Prevention event to performances at senior living facilities and soup kitchens.

The Admiral Launch Duo offers Education Packages for institutions of all levels. If you see a subject under a heading for a different style institution, we can tailor this to yours.

University-specific workshops:

We’ve set up workshops in five main categories germane to college students:

1.Doing the Art, 2. Paying for the Art, 3. Teaching the Art,  4. New Art, and 5. Everything Else around the Art

  1. Doing the Art
  • Chamber music masterclass
  • Rehearsal techniques for chamber groups
  • Memorizing music in chamber groups
  • Maintaining large amounts of repertoire
  • Harp masterclass (Jennifer)
  • Eurhythmics: Honing your internal pulse (Jennifer)
  • Improvisation for harpists (Jennifer)
  • Sax masterclass (Jonathan)
  • Aural skills and improvisation in the classical musician’s warm up routine (Jonathan)

2. Paying for the Art

  • Writing grants and residency applications
  • Techniques for touring
    • “How to pack a volvo, and other things you didn’t think of”

Teaching the Art

  • How to coach chamber music
  • Preparing your students for chamber music

New Art

  • Performers- tips for working with composers
  • Composers- tips for working with performers
  • Writing for the harp: What orchestration books don’t tell you (Jennifer)
  • Fans, forks, and screwdrivers: Extended techniques for harp (Jennifer)
  • Harp and electronics (Jennifer)
  • Writing for saxophone in colors and broken lines (Jonathan)

Everything Else Around the Art

  • Business of chamber music
  • Transitioning from student to professional
  • Careers in music (Jonathan)
  • Freelancing for musicians (Jennifer)
  • Community engagement: Building strong community partnerships (Jennifer)

High school-specific workshops:

  • College auditions 101
  • Careers in music (Jonathan)
  • Eurhythmics (Jennifer)
  • Solo instrument masterclass
  • Chamber music masterclass
  • Beginner’s guide to working with composers
  • The care and keeping of chamber music groups
  • How to ace all-state and solo and ensemble auditions

Middle school-specific workshops

  • Solo instrument masterclass
  • Chamber masterclasses
  • Learning to memorize
  • Performance success
  • Beginning improvisation
  • Eurhythmics (Jennifer)

Elementary school-specific workshops

  • Meet our instruments!
  • A day in the life (What it’a like to be a touring musician)
  • Graphic scores and composing together
  • Soundtracks: Writing stories and bringing them to life
  • Eurhythmics: Music through movement